The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! This is a blog about my mental health and some fantastic experiences I have had. Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

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The Shine

    There is a shine in most    everyone    you just have to find it    Underneath in the deep    like a glowing Pearl from    some ancient treeasure    It glimmers in the murk    waiting to be let free    Waiting for the open door    that will let it pour forth    to brighten the darkest life Written by Sea […]

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Love Lingers in the Deep

I wish I could keep my heart soft the way it used to be.When I would respond first with hurt and tears instead of anger and indignation.That soft tenderness that allows us to let go and trust with no reservation.The hurt that wants to know why and remedy all of the reasons why it hurts.Not […]

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True Freedom

I felt the most freeWhen I felt I was ableTo give love  freely Without judgment orCondemnation or shamingWithout fear of blame I loved all I metWith an innocence I fearthat is lost forevermore Oh how I would loveTo greet everyone I meetwith no fear and only smiles To not feel waryor afraid of what they […]

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Thank you for Loving Me

White smile for the tearsTears became wonder..magicA smile of my own returned A smile of friendshipInto the screen you were inThat I daily watched Wonder grew to loveAnticipation and joyCuriosity dancing Through my mind and heartStunned awe at what my mind sawAnd what my heart seemed to know Intelligent lifeLove in clouds of whiteSmiling from […]

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Gravel sharp pokingkneeling on knees of sadnessYou watched, I knew not                                       Teary eyes looked upTo see you looking at meSad to see me shamed Embarrassment knowsWhat the heart will tolerateIs the price too high Knees of pain I watchYou change shape like ice cream swirlsInto wonderment A new thing a guideWonder I have never knownUntil I […]

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A note

The previous poems I posted were supposed to be a book I have been compiling about abuse and the effects on the heart on mind. It leaves mental scars you sometimes cannot recover from, though I am trying. I forgive you.

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A Gift

When you buy a giftIt should be given for freeWith no strings attachedA gift of love meansYou care about that personAnd want them to be happyIt is given justSo you can see them smile brightAnd given freelyNot be taken backWhen there is disappointmentOr disagreementOr to use againstNor for power or controlOver ones you love

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Locked In

I lock myself inWaiting for you to love meAfraid the cruel one lingers It would be betterto open the door todayI simply cannot Under my angerI cannot face such hatredOr the pain it gives I try to be strongRight now, afraid of this allNot strong after all

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He thinks I blame himFor what I do not know nowI do not know him I want to but heWill not talk to me at allWith transparency Maybe he cannotOr he just doesn’t want toBe truthful with me

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