Found at the River

Love and inspiration in Rocks. Thank you whoever you are for the inspiring message. I’ll find a way to pass it on. Inscribed upon the rock is the following message… Maybe you don’t know it but you’re amazing in so many ways. You’re worth it.

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You took me awayOn an adventure one dayThe road ahead wound and curved It was green springtimeFleeting for California We laughed at the squirrels Over and over Around the bends higher and Higher we climbed to ascend Reaching the top weStepped to the edge I just gaspedThe top of the World You showed me the […]


Another point of view

Before the age of 7, I was a tow headed blue eyed white child. My parents and I lived at the end of the runway of executive airport in Sacramento Ca. It was a mixed neighborhood of blacks, hispanics, whites and more. This was 45 years or so ago.  My best friend was named Tete […]

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The Promise

I watch her work to place her fingers in the correct position.Her fingertips on the frets and her chin desperately trying to hold the violin in place.Finally, with all ready, she pulls the bow across the strings.A frown, a look of disappointment, almost sadness at the sound it makes.I know she imagined sweet notes of […]

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